The Sports and Wellness Center at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is a member of the Lithuanian Student Sports Association (LSSA). LSSA organizes student sports tournaments in Lithuania, assembles national student sports teams and coordinates their participation in the World and European Championships. Student Athletes from Kaunas University of Technology win numerous gold, silver and bronze metals in these international competitions every year.

The Sports and Wellness Center at Kaunas University of Technology assembles university student sports teams, coordinates practices and prepares athletes for national and international competitions. Professional trainers help students reveal their talents and improve their skills, resulting in high performance and championship trophies.

As admissions season commences, the Sports and Wellness Center at Kaunas University of Technology welcomes new student athletes who are interested in continuing their sports careers. Current active sports programs include basketball, football, volleyball, track and field, badminton, weight lifting, judo, sambo, Greco-Roman wrestling, and gymnastics; however new sports are always welcome.

Virginija Puodžiukynienė
Head of the student sports teams
Studentų st. 48-152, Kaunas
tel. +370 687 40155

KTU basketball team gathered all together in the middle of the court holding hands up in the air

Basketball (men)

KTU football team on the pitch at the game

Football (men)

KTU women's volleyball team standing together in a circle and wrapped each other with their hands.

Volleyball (women)

KTU men's volleyball team players standing in one line in front of a volleyball net

Volleyball (men)

Two KTU badminton team members playing badminton ir a badminton court


KTU Strength sports team member performing a bench press

Strength Sports

KTU Track and field team members running

Track and Field

KTU Judo team member performing a throw

Judo and Sambo

KTU wrestling team member fighting against is opponent

Greco-Roman & Freestyle Wrestling

Two KTU Aerobic gymnastics team members dancing

Aerobic Gymnastics

Table tennis team member standing next to a table tennis table

Table Tennis

A man holding a tennis racket


A woman standing in a forest holding a map