KTU Sports and Wellness Center – modern, open to positive change, fosters the values ​​of physical activity and sports, creates suitable conditions for physical education, strengthens and preserves health and work capacity, implements the development of sports leisure, sports and healthy lifestyle, organizes domestic sports events for members of the academic community, ensures the preparation of sports teams and participation in competitions, promotes the name of the University at national and international sports events.

Members of the KTU community are invited to play sports for free at twelve sports bases. The sports club has gyms for cardio and strength training, boxing and TRX belts, and you can choose from eight different group activities (callanetics, tabata, belt training, pilates, exercise with big balls, step + strength, body design and Muay Thai boxing). The name of the university is famous for 14 teams of various sports that participate in national and international events and championships.

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KTU Sports and Wellness Centre

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