How to stay physically active during this difficult period of quarantine?

Important | 2020-12-18

Physical activities are vital during the quarantine period. The total daily activeness that was before quarantine fell to almost zero. Even if the engagement in sporting activities before lockdown was low, daily consumption of energy was much higher.

The minimal physical activity at home is required in order to keep emotional health, maintain body shape and strong immune system after quarantine is over. Of course, sports at home are not the same as training in a gym with a coach. Even so, home exercises help to keep control over daily routine and are very important during this period. During the physical activity our bodies produce happy hormones (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphin), which have a feeling of satisfaction, reduce anxiety and fear.

Daily routine

Quarantine changes our daily routine and habits. For example, many people are waking up later than used to do, because there is no need to travel to work or school. However, it’s recommended to follow your pre-lockdown schedule and avoid difficulties to go back to the usual routine once the quarantine ends. Consistent workout planning can help you stay on track too.

Remote sporting activities

Choose the most suitable form of sport activity at home. The online selection is wide and is available to everyone. You can download sport and wellness apps to your mobile, watch home workout videos on YouTube and subscribe to online physical education courses. Training during this period should not be very intense and tiring. The purpose of exercising during the lockdown is to maintain health, good physical condition and strengthen the immune system.

Choosing the right exercise for you

Various physical exercises that most of us didn’t like at school can be very helpful for those sitting at home. The following exercises are easy to do at home: squats, push-ups, lunges, bends, “plank”, stretching, jumps and so on. Remember that our own weight is the best exercise. Some workouts using own body weight can be more effective than doing them using gym equipment. Start with easier exercises. If you don’t like strength workouts – skip them. It is better to spend 20-30 minutes of your time doing stretching, flexibility or balance exercises than nothing. Intensive sports, cardio workouts (running on the spot, various jumps, HIT method) are also possible at home.

Using house items as sports equipment

If you do not have a variety of sports equipment, you can improvise and replace them with other items:

  • Weights – filled up plastic water bottles;
  • Extra weight to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles – a backpack stuffed with heavy objects;
  • Gymnastic roller – rolling pin;
  • Rubber – elastic bandages;
  • Stair platforms – low bench or chairs;
  • Yoga/ Gym mat – blanket or towel.

Fresh air – better mood

Getting outside is crucial to keep emotional and physical well-being. Only few people are able to withstand complete isolation at home. If we are not able to release accumulated energy, we tend to become annoyed and irritated after staying at home or one space for too long. Thus, changing the environment helps to relax and calm down the mind. It’s important to choose  outdoor areas that are remote from other people or has enough space to keep the safe distance, such as forests, parks. Outdoor workouts shouldn’t be intense also. Light running, just walking or nordic pole walking, are perfect way to stay active in the fresh air. Today, the priority is to stay healthy and maintain mental well-being, but not to hit records.

We want to believe that most people are aware of the healthy lifestyle importance in the fight against the viruses and wants to improve their immune systems. In order to boost immune system it is recommended to maintain healthy habits: a healthy diet, regular full sleep, exercise, positive critical thinking and positive emotions. This is not a pill that you can swallow and feel great right away. This is a way of living. Let’s put laziness aside for a healthier days.

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