Enjoy running? Tips to run properly

Important | 2021-04-14

Running is a physical activity that can not only help to lose weight, improve the health of your heart, but also boost your mood. Good thing about running is that anyone can practice this sport even it’s quarantine – all you need is a pair of sneakers and the right mood!

Running might seem like an easy and basic sport, but don’t let this perception to mislead you. In order to run properly, some extra knowledge is required. No matter if you’re a beginner or professional runner, you should consider not only the choice of the right footwear, but also proper running technique. The right technique not only will increase efficiency and improve results, but also will protect muscles from various injuries. Therefore, the coach of KTU athletics team E.Karaškienė shares some advice for those who want to stay active this spring while enjoying safe and fun runs.

Tips and Techniques to Run Better

First of all, it’s important to warm up and stretch your muscles before running or engaging in any other physical activities. All the engaged muscle groups during the run should be warmed-up in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Running is often intuitive and every runner has its own style – there are some general tips on how to do it properly. If you get your foot strike wrong or hold a poor posture while running, it will increase the load on certain muscles and joints, such as knees or calves. Eventually, this overload can lead to various injuries such as stress fractures or tendon inflammation.

Running technique

  • Proper breathing
  • Posture
  • Foot strike
  • Running pace

Proper breathing and pace are the one of the essential aspects of running. It is recommended to breathe through the nose. If you start breathing too often or running out of breath, your pace is probably too fast – you should slow down.

It is also important to choose the right gear for your run. Running shoes should be highly comfortable, cushioned, supportive and there should be plenty of room for toes in the front. As for running appearance, you should consider the right outfit according to the weather conditions. Of course, more layers will be required during winter season, but in general running outfit should be comfortable, loose and made from breathable fabric to wick the moisture away. For more information about running in the cold season, visit our Youtube channel KTU Sporto ir sveikatinimo centras.

Other essential aspects of proper running technique are posture and foot position. Watch the video to learn more about it.

Advice for new runners

Don’t try to run fast, start slow and pace yourself. Also, don’t try to compare yourself with a friend who runs 10 km, choose the distance right for you. When you only start running, the distance doesn’t matter, it will increase over time as well as your speed. Remember, running can be great activity for anyone, if you find yourself feeling the opposite – you’re probably doing it wrong!

Finally, don’t forget to stretch your back and leg muscles after running, do it slow and don’t bounce.




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